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Welcome to the famous and historic Jefferson County Courthouse, home of the John Brown Treason Trial. While we revel in our history, our informative pages are sure to please.  
As our office continues to move into the 21st century by implementing cross-training and technology, we strive to serve the public with excellence and accuracy. Our team of knowledgeable clerks is ready to assist with a smile. If you are visiting the Eastern Panhandle, be sure to stop in and say hello!

The Jefferson County Clerk

The Jefferson County Clerk, Jennifer S Maghan, serves as the chief election authority for the County. Along with administering elections, the Clerk's Office maintains birth, marriage and death records, records documents, and keeps the minutes of the Jefferson County Commissioners. Jennifer welcomes visitors to Jefferson County with a brief tour and history of the courthouse. Presentations for both adult and school-aged groups are also available by appointment.


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Recording Department note:
All documents received by 4:30pm will be recorded same day.
Documents received after 4:30pm will be recorded next day.
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Any unauthorized use of the information being provided will result in prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.
Our office, in conjunction with our software vendor,
has made every attempt to eliminate social security
numbers from the online version of our public records.
However, should citizens find that their social security
number is still visible online, we ask that they call
our office at (304) 728-3215 for immediate removal
of that number.



As of July 1st, 2010, the redemption of deliquent taxes is being handled by the West Virginia State Auditor's Office. Although our office will be able to assist you with redemption figures, we are not able to process the redemption. We will be happy to provide the information needed to redeem your property with the State Auditor's Office.

West Virginia State Auditor's Office
County Collections Division
Toll Free: (888) 509-6568

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