Top 9 Places to Visit in Kentucky

If you’ve been to Kentucky, then you must agree that it is one of the few places on earth that won’t disappoint regardless of the season. Found in the Bluegrass Region, Kentucky is a place to be, whether you are looking for a perfect way to spend your vacation or a place to discover new things. It doesn’t matter if it is summer or winter. In Kentucky, you will always have more than enough to see and places to visit.

If you are planning to go to Kentucky, but don’t know where to start, here are top five places you can’t just miss.

1. Kentucky Horse Park

Kentucky Horse Park is a haven for horse lovers. Located in the north of Lexington, this place offers a great chance to see, learn about and ride horses. It is among the few places on the planet where you will have an opportunity to see a variety of horse breeds. But not only that. If you are more curious about why the place is so enthralling, you can visit the International Museum of Horse & Hall of Champions and learn more. Kentucky Horse Park is a place you will want to spend your entire weekend with your spouse, friend or any other family member beside you.

2. Louisville Waterfront Park

When it comes to enjoying your sunny days, you can’t find a place better than Louisville Waterfront Park. Located on the Ohio River, it hosts a variety of festivals as well as concerts throughout the year. It is also in this place that you can enjoy warm and welcoming summer nights that offers a lively and vibrant experience. If you want a place you can have a taste of Kentucky’s best recipes or enjoy some cold drinks while experiencing a fantastic view of the river, you can check in at Joe’s Crab Snack.

3. Mammoth Cave

Looking for a place that will scare some bravery out of you? Take a trip to Mammoth Cave and find out. These caves are dark, scary and never ending. Unless you want to prove something, this is one place you won’t enjoy finding yourself at night. The funny thing is, many of those who take a trip to Kentucky have never realized that it is a home for some of the longest networked caves on the planet. These caves feature passageways that stretch up to 400 miles.

4. Land Between The Lakes

Found between Tennessee and Kentucky, this peninsula offers a variety of experiences that includes, camping, biking, riding and more. You can also enjoy other fantastic outdoor activities that includes hunting, horse riding, fishing and much more. Whether you are alone or with your entire family, Land between the Lakes will always be your favorite destination if you want to do away with boredom.

5. Abbey of Gethsemani

Kentucky is not only a place of festivals and outdoor activities. At Abbey of Gethsemani, you will find Trappist Monks that live isolated quite lives. What they do is, make bourbon fudge, fruitcake, and handmade cheese. Located near Bardstown, Abbey Gethsemani is a place you can learn about a unique monastic life that has existed for centuries and has continued to attract tourists all over the globe. You are all welcomed to see, get answers as well as buy some fudge, cheese and more. On the west side of this monastery, you will find a place you can wander and see many things.

6. Bernheim Forest

This forest is a world of its own, and you won’t believe that people live there. It is just too beautiful to be true. The forest is a perfect location to take your family. It is always opened so that families from all parts of the world can explore. Also, the staff will take you on tour and help you explore the place better by holding exciting events such as SONIC Bernheim and more.

7. Breaks Interstate Park

Also called the Grand Canyon of South, Interstate Park connects the borders of Virginia and Kentucky. This park was first explored and discovered by Daniel Boon and today receives a lot of visits each year for its unique beauty. Take your entire family on a trip they won’t forget. Find a camping spot and realize how frantic your night can get. To make the best of the hiking trip, make sure you are fit for it. Visit 3 steps to skinny legs Rachael Attard to strengthen your legs.

8. Stonehenge

If you think Stone Age was a fantasy, take a trip to Munfordville. This place will not only boggle your mind but will leave you wondering what other things our planet has been hiding from you. Stonehenge is one of the rarest places that you will find on earth with an amazing display of ancient world. It is the only place you will find more mysterious giant rock collections arranged to resemble an activity that would require the strength of giants.

9. Slaughter Falls

Take a trip to the most famous natural sights in Kentucky, a perfect spot for a family hike and camp. This waterfall remains one of the most visited falls that have attracted many tourists from around the globe. It is also a perfect location for dog walking. Also, expect to see a variety of unique plants such as rhododendrons and Hemlock when exploring the area.

The bottom line

Apparently, there are many places you can visit in Kentucky, but these nine places will make your trip worth remembering. Whether you are on vacation or just looking for a way to spend a holiday with your family, Kentucky will always offer the best. Take a trip and find out.